Training and Workshop


3D Prining Basic
3D Printing Advanced
3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
CNC Milling and Die

3D Design & CAD

3D Basic Design
Design for 3D Printing and Additive Manufactuirng
Design for Casting
Design for CNC and Plastic Injection Molding
Design for 3D Character, Sculpture and Art (Tibetian, Buddhist, Hindu)


For Schools and Colleges

3D Printing Lab
Maker Lab and Tools
Course Contents and Packages


Dental 3D Printers & Tools
Dental 3D Scanners
Operation & Training
Traning for Dental Professionals

For Universities

3D Printers
3D Scanners
Training for Students
Training for Professionals

Biomedical and Hospitals

3D Printers & Tools
3D Scanners and Accessoceries
Operation & Training
Training for Medical Professionals